Echo 4

Echo 4 trailer fully setup

Rugged comfort

The Echo 4 is an extreme off road capable trailer and a huge step up from conventional off road trailers. With enhanced features, such as ample storage, dust sealing, water capacity and weight distribution, this trailer is a reliable addition to the 4x4 enthusiast or adventure seeker. This rugged off-road trailer is known for its comfort and it is easy to tow, making it one of the ultimate trailers to suit any wilderness adventure. And once you have arrived, the comforts this trailer provides such as a fully kitted kitchen, AC/DC fridge/freezer and queen size bed will enable you to truly rest and enjoy your adventures beyond all your expectations. African tried and trusted, the Echo 4 remains a favourite for the serious outdoor explorer.

  • Photo of the front of an Echo 4
  • Photo of the back of an Echo 4
  • Photo of the Echo 4 kitchen storage and bar

    Kitchen storage and bar.

  • Photo of inside the Echo 4 tent

    Inside of tent.

  • Photo of the Echo 4 battery compartment

    Battery compartment.

  • Photo of the Echo 4 was basin

    Wash basin.

  • Photo of the Echo 4 fridge/freezer


  • Photo of the Echo 4 kitchen area

    Kitchen area.

  • Photo of the Echo 4 drawer unit

    Drawer unit.

  • Photo of the Echo 3 kitchen

    Gas bottle.

Specifications and included items

  • GVWR: 1930kg / 4200lbs
  • Cargo Weight: 1020kgs / 2200lbs
  • Dry Weight 790kg / 1750lbs
  • Inertial Mechanical Brake
  • 50mm metric Coupler
  • Metric Convert-A-Ball Assembly included: 50mm and 2inch ball
  • Hand Brake
  • Two 20 Liter Metal Jerry cans
  • 2 ½ Metric Ton axle
  • 8 Blade Leaf Springs and Shocks
  • 3 Goodyear 15" Off-Road AT rated truck tires
  • 90 Amp Hour AGM Battery
  • AC/DC Power Center: with 3 stage AGM specific battery charger, Hella style 12v outlets, Solar panel compatible
  • 100-Liter Water Tank gravity fed
  • 50-Liter Dometic Fridge Freezer
  • Primus Dual Burner Stove 2x12,000 BTU’s
  • 5lb Propane bottle
  • 6 Place Settings of Melamine Dishes: Dinner plates, salad plates, bowls and coffee mugs
  • Wine glasses, Beer glasses, Plastic tumblers
  • 6 Place settings of Cutlery
  • Utensils, salt and pepper shaker, bottle opener
  • 9 cup Coffee Pot
  • Drain tray and Washbasin
  • Queen size Bed

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