Our story

In the winter of 2011, my husband Michael and I went to Africa to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We traveled throughout South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Swaziland.

We did everything from lying on the beaches in Camps Bay outside of Cape Town, a three week camping safari with a bunch of strangers, now whom we call friends (“a shout out to the Aussie’s”), celebrating our anniversary on a three day luxury safari, backpacking through Zimbabwe, renting a Land Rover Defender with a roof top tent and camping gear to tour thru Kruger national Park and Swaziland, to shark diving with great whites. It was a blast!!

Little did we know that this trip was going to change our lives…

Photo of Michael and Denise Rogers

Our favourite parts of the trip were the camping safaris. The animals were breathtaking and we couldn’t get enough. Everywhere we went camping though we saw these amazing trailers, we couldn’t believe our eyes. They were like nothing we had ever seen before.

Built tough, constructed of steel, no plywood or staples here! They had heavy-duty axles and tires to handle the African terrain, but compact. When we saw them opened up, our jaws just dropped!

They transformed into a full camping compound with a kitchen, a bedroom, awnings, table, etc. Everything had its place. The storage design was incredible.

When we sadly left Africa, we just couldn’t get these “trailers” out of our minds. We kept asking ourselves… “Why aren’t these trailers in North America??”

With both my husband and I being from Western Canada, The Kootenays in British Columbia to be exact, where there is a huge population of outdoor enthusiasts who love to camp, hunt, fish, hike and bike. These trailers just seemed like the perfect fit for a “hole” in the North American camping market.

A truly off road capable camping trailer!

So, my husband started doing research and contacting different manufactures of these types of trailers in South Africa. My husband being a surveyor and me part-time interior decorator we were a little out of our element, but we decided there are too many “should have, could have and would have’s” in life, so we decided to give it a try.

Six months later we returned to Africa and met with many of the manufactures, but one just stood out above the rest and that was Echo 4x4. Owned by Willie and Rochelle Grobler. A husband and wife team that have become one of the top manufactures in South Africa with over 25 years of experience and over 10,000 trailers made to date.

To make a long story short, we returned to Canada with the North American distribution rights for Echo 4x4 Trailers and tents and our new business Nasc, The North American Safari Company was born!

It has been over two years since we returned from that first trip. During that time we have been working hard with Transport Canada, Health Canada and other government agencies along with Echo to make the trailers compliant for the North American market.

Finally, after quite a few sleepless nights, we have reached our goal.

Echo 4x4 Trailers and Tents are now available in North America!!!

We hope The North American Safari Company can share with you in the opening of a new chapter in your book of camping adventures.

Kindest Regards

Denise Rogers