Rooftop tents

Echo rooftop tent setup

Being the leaders in the industry, Echo Rooftop tents are the only heavy-duty tents available with convenient one-movement pitching and self-support. Manufactured from washable UV-varnished PVC canvas with welded seams for waterproofing, this PVC canvas also meets North America's fire retardant standards. They have undergone wind tunnel, lightning and rain testing and have been subjected to extreme weather conditions. The T-top adheres to the same quality requirements as the rooftop tent but with a uniquely versatile design which allows access to the main rooftop from it’s interior. It’s easy to open and close and requires virtually no maintenance. You are not only purchasing a quality, user-friendly product, but also the assurance and expertise of a company with over twenty-five years experience in the industry.

  • Rooftop tent

    Echo 4x4 rooftop tent Echo 4x4 rooftop tent sizes
  • T-Top tent with add-a-room

    Echo 4x4 T-Top wit add-a-room Echo 4x4 T-Top wit add-a-room sizes

Rooftop tent sizes

1.3m x 2.4m
1.6m x 2.4m
1.3m x 1.2m
1.6m x 1.2m

Tent features

  • Photo of the Echo rooftop tent
  • Photo of the Echo rooftop tent
  • Photo of the Echo rooftop tent
  • Photo of the Echo rooftop tent
  • Military grade waterproof ripstop canvas
  • 100% waterproof PVC tops and covers
  • Fire retardant materials that comply to North American standards
  • Steel bottoms
  • 2" mattresses
  • Roof condensation liner
  • Rooftop mounting brackets

T-Top floor

The floor is supported by a unique cable support system to support the tent in an open position.

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